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This page details podcasts that Christine has been a guest on.  Where possible, a direct link is provided but you can find them on your usual podcast provider too!

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Alcohol Free Life 

I was lucky enough to speak to Janey Lee Grace on The Sober Club's 'Alcohol Free Life' podcast about the challenges of sobriety and living alone.

When you live alone, it's possible that no one is really aware of how much you're drinking.  Whether it's alone in the evening, or drinking with different friends through the week - only you know what's happening.

If you're worry about your drinking, it can feel like an incredibly lonely place. If you try to talk to a friend or loved one about your concerns, because they don't witness it the conversation has to start with an explanation and that can be tough.

I have lived alone for the last 10 years; having lived with partners and in shared houses in the past; so I know what it's like. In this conversation, I talk to Janey about the challenges (and the benefits) living alone can bring in sobriety.

You can listen here (Episode 259)..

Your Bravo Career

Christine talked to Executive Career Coach Mark Crossfield on his podcast 'Your Bravo Career' about grey area drinking and the impact alcohol can have on your career.

Mark is an exceptional coach, working with professionals to help them gain clarity in their career; and the podcast series is full of advice and tips for how to navigate situations and empower yourself within your career.


In this episode (Episode 67 available here), Christine and Mark discuss how alcohol can affect you at work and your career; what you can do if you are concerned about your drinking - or if you lead a team to make your work environment more open to honest discussions about booze.

Your Bravo Career.png

Life Life Well

Christine talked to Wellness Coach Joanne Bibby on her podcast 'Live Life Well' about grey area drinking and how common it is in the lives of busy women.

Joanne is passionate about ​helping women live well mind, body and soul.  Her series of podcasts cover a variety of issues that commonly impact on women's wellbeing.

In this episode (available here), Christine and Joanne discuss how alcohol can affect you and what you can do if you are concerned about your drinking.

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