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Here are the events Your Sober Path is hosting in the future - as well as those available for catch up and resources that are for sale. 

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Webinar Catch Up!
Am I Drinking Too Much?  And other questions you may be asking yourself...

If you're thinking about your relationship with alcohol, chances are you have a load of questions swirling around in your mind. "Am I drinking too much?", "Am I an alcoholic?", "How can I successfully moderate my drinking?"

You're not alone in this quest for clarity.

In this webinar, recorded on the 3rd April 2024, our coach Christine covered these questions that you may be asking yourself.  She covered the 'hows' and 'whys' behind our drinking habits, looked at a few facts about alcohol, and gave sensible, honest advice on how to navigate things if you're starting to question your relationship with alcohol.

When you buy this 'catch up', you will receive a PDF that contains links to the webinar video and the resources Christine mentioned in the talk.  

While I set up the automated sales process for this, if you would like to watch the webinar, you can pay for the webinar here and I will email you the PDF as soon as I can.

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