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Coaching Packages

At Your Sober Path, simplicity is key.  We offer three packages for those seeking to transform their relationship with alcohol, as well as a program tailored to individuals who are already sober but require support in finding inner clarity and guidance in other aspects of their lives.

Find Your Sober Path

If you know you want to cut down on the amount you drink but are not sure where to start, this three-part plan is ideal for you.

Over two, hour-long sessions (with a bit of homework in between) we will look at your current relationship with alcohol and consider the role it will play in your life going forward. 


Together we will develop a personalised plan for any changes you decide to make, and give you the best chance to make positive changes to your drinking habits. 

The third session, a check in, happens between one and three months later to look at how you're going on.


Together, we will find Your Sober Path. 

Design Your Sober Path

If you're considering changing your relationship with alcohol, but also want to improve other aspects of your life, then this package is tailored for you.


It combines wellbeing, life, and sobriety coaching, spanning over six weekly sessions, to help you examine all areas of your life, envision your goals, and map out strategies to achieve them.


As part of the package, I will assist you in abstaining from alcohol for 30 days, providing the necessary support to jumpstart your journey towards a healthier relationship with alcohol.


By the end of this program, you'll gain clarity on the direction you want your life to take. You'll also have a solid foundation for your new relationship with alcohol, based on your values and aspirations.


Together, we'll design Your Sober Path.

Walk Your Sober Path

With this package you will receive the two hour-long sessions in the Find Your Sober Path plan; but in addition I will support you as you begin your journey into your alcohol-free life.  


You will have focused 1:1 support for the first 60 or 90 days of your journey; with regular structured sessions throughout the process as well as regular contact by Whatsapp, text or email.  


This is ideal if you feel you'd benefit from that additional bit of support while you take those first bold steps into your new future. 


You won't be alone as you walk Your Sober Path.

From £375

Already living alcohol free?  Navigate Your Sober Path

Quitting alcohol is the greatest gift of self care that you can give yourself, but that doesn't mean that life is automatically perfect!  The clarity of mind that sobriety brings can really shine a light on elements of your life that you ignored when you were drinking, but now the time has come to address them.

This wellbeing coaching package is for you if you are sober, but want to look at other areas of your life.  In five, hour-long sessions we will work together to look at the areas of your life that are causing you concern. 


I will help you to visualise a clear path towards greater wellbeing and a more fulfilling life. Together, we will work on identifying your strengths and values, setting specific and achievable goals, and developing strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve your desired outcomes. You will leave with a deeper understanding of yourself and the tools to continue making positive changes long after our sessions have ended.


If you're ready to make positive changes to your relationship with alcohol and would like to chat about how we could work together to achieve that - book a FREE Discovery Call today!

This call can be by telephone or by Zoom.  It is free, without obligation and should last about 20 minutes. It will give us the chance to chat about what you're looking for, how Your Sober Path could help you and see if I'm the right fit for you.

Not quite there yet?

Making changes to your relationship with alcohol can be one of the most daunting things you can chose to do.

If you're not currently in a place where you are sure that sobriety - or even cutting down the booze - is for you, I get it.  This was me for a number of years. 

Let's have an honest, no judgement informed conversation about your drinking.  In our chat, for up to an hour, we can discuss your relationship with alcohol; your concerns and your situation.  This isn't formal coaching, as such.  I will provide guidance, facts, suggestions and tips as appropriate, but we will not work on any goals or specific objectives.

After our chat, should you go on to address your relationship with alcohol through formal coaching in the future, you will receive a 15% discount from these sessions.

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