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What is Sobriety Coaching?

Some people are fortunate; they can motivate themselves to achieve their goals with apparent ease (and lots of hard work)!

Some people need a bit more support.  They may need guidance on how to get started, as well as having someone to guide them and hold them accountable on the way.  ​

In the same way you may call upon a Personal Trainer to give you guidance if you're struggling to achieve your goals in the gym, a Sobriety Coach is there to guide you when you want to look at your relationship with alcohol.

At Your Sober Path, you are at the centre of the coaching process. 


The sessions are focused on you, and are largely like having a chat with a good friend (only with a bit of homework).  We will look at your overall wellbeing, the role you wish for alcohol to have in your life going forward, and how to achieve that goal.

Together, we can find Your Sober Path.

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