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Hello, my name is Christine

For years, I knew deep down I was drinking too much, but I was telling myself that as I didn't drink every day, and I could complete 'Dry January', I was fine, right? 

As a Radiographer working within the NHS, I found myself drinking more during the COVID-19 pandemic; telling myself it was to relieve stress after difficult days. I was still functioning as normal, but that feeling deep down was getting stronger.  I wasn't hitting 'rock bottom', but no, I was not "fine".  

Admitting to myself that my relationship with alcohol wasn't healthy was my first step on my 'sober path' and from there I have not looked back.

As a certified Wellbeing and Sobriety Coach, I use my skills and personal experience to help others examine their relationship with alcohol, live by their values, set achievable goals, and developing strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve their desired outcomes.

Let me help you find Your Sober Path.


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